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Vacation Rental Management Company For Sale - Port Angeles, Sequim WA State

The Vortex Organization starts and builds Vacation Rental Businesses in desirable recreational markets by partnering with a local business partner. We have a business for sale now in the North Olympic Peninsula area, including Sequim, Port Angeles & Port Townsend. We are well established and are adding more listings.

Local Partner owns and operates their own business, setting their own hours and growing as much as they like to create a steady stream of commissions, happy guests and appreciative property owners. Plus they are all part of a larger group with unmatched capabilities.

All back-office functions such as world-class websites and advertising, 365 day reservations staff, accounting, legal and other marketing are provided by Vortex experts and specialists working tirelessly to support local managers. These folks are 100% committed to the success of eery partner.

Generally the partner does NO hands-on housekeeping, NO maintenance, just property owner enrollment and relations as leader of our local team. Must live and work in the area.

Usually this is full time job but part-time is possible in smaller locations where the owner combines rentals with another career. This works well for Real Estate Agents, Appraisers, Lodging operators, Sales Professionals and others. But constantly selling and enrolling property owners is job one.

Managers get to live in places city-goers can only dream of. Have a great lifestyle, but make better income than other careers can offer. There is some week-end work, but Managers can manage their schedules and employ staff to produce good income without excessive hours.

Vacation Rentals are a little like, but different from, being a Real Estate agent because money is earned week in and week out. No feast and famine. Like Real Estate, this career is paid by commission, but Managers can double their income with a steady second stream of rental commission income. And triple their income because rentals help sell more homes. You can build your own business as big as you like.

Headquartered in Seattle Washington - the Vortex central office provides strong central reservations, advertising, marketing, training, websites, software, accounting, legal and administration. We handle lots of the heavy lifting so you can provide the more important property and customer relations. You will love working with our experienced and friendly staff who provide constant support 24/7.

Of course you could start a vacation rental business on your own, but the work would be overwhelming and independents can't match our large and specialized staff to make it all go smooth while providing the highest income for clients. You will make more money, with less work, and happier clients.

The cost to buy a destination and setup the business is modest. It includes training classes and certification similar to other professionals. An extensive knoweldge base of best practices and procedures is online, plus Vortex personnel are always there to answer questions and provide guidance. This is a collaborative process and includes occasional industry events and training to attend. Special insurance is not needed.

It is not necessary to work from a retail type office. To start, Managers need a mobil phone, great computer, printer and high-speed Internet. The work does require a hands-on, take charge personality. The biggest task is enrolling owners in our programs and keeping them happy.

You must have good social skills, dress well, be pleasant and professional. Most of all you have to be 100% reliable. Property Owners, Guests and Staff will count on you. Please call Wm. May to know the details. 360-406-4908 extension 902.

Call: 206-343-7777 Email: For more detail: Mention Ad #0328